Agency Profile

What is the best way to live in a world so full of differences? Find a way to reconcile different worldviews and value systems.

How can we communicate effectively with anyone who has a vision and understanding of the world different from ours? Engendering mutual creativity and progress, recognizing and embracing diversity. Every flower has its own unique way and its special features to manifest itself: these features together create a unique seasonal portrait of vitality and beauty.

The ability to respond creatively to diversity is the ability to develop a practical awareness of the value of life itself and of any single expression of life.

Clara Garcovich is a full service public relations agency (events, public relations, press office and digital PR) strongly customer oriented, which dedicates listening, feedback and quality of relationship.

Clara Garcovich treats communication as a fundamental benefit, indispensable to qualify the reputation of its clients. Develops and coordinates projects and communication activities, creative, innovative, effective, efficient, and measurable in results, moving with ease in the sectors of luxury, fashion, sports, finance, automotive and design, both nationally and internationally.

Offers full and well-coordinated services, relying on the interaction between the different structures of the Agency for a result, which covers all aspects of a communication plan able to face and overcome market challenges.

Communication is definitely a key added value and essential to qualify and consolidate the credit of companies and organizations in their respective fields of competence by helping to find multiple channels and vehicles.

Clara Garcovich aims to provide clients with the ability to orientate their transversal Communication through tight integration between the different structures of the Agency – events, public relations, press office and digital PR. In order to trigger a progressive growth and give notoriety to companies and products the Agency handles the coordination and implementation of projects and activities well-coordinated and measurable in results.

Always attentive to customer expectations and availability, Clara Garcovich processes customized and detailed solutions adjusting them to the needs of the market dynamics.

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